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LKR Price Increment due to Latest USD rate

 Thursday, March 18, 2021

As you know the latest USD buying and selling rate, here it is currently, buying rate went to 200.00 LKR and the selling rate went to 206.00 LKR today. Paying to Dedicated Servers and Domain Names, USD's selling rate is affecting us. 

So that means we have to increase the LKR amount of all services including, Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Budget Reseller, and International Domains (.COM) unfortunately. The current price is set in the period of the USD selling rate was 187.00 LKR. The new price will be updated on the website after the 1st of April. If you are paying us via USD, your price will never be changed. 

(All .LK Domains are excluded from this operation and the price is the same as previous)

Example price increment calculation:
New price = Current Price / 187 x 206.
Starter Plan Price is 1700 and 1700 / 187 x 206 = 1872 LKR.
So that Old Price is 1700 LKR and the new price is around 1900 LKR including cPanel per account charge.

Keep in mind that 206.LKR is today's price and we don't know what is the rate on April 1st. If it is go back again into 195, the price increment will be canceled.

We are really like to stay at the same price every day but unfortunately, we could not do that due to our economy and the USD rate. Hope you understood the situation and extremely sorry about this increment.

[if your invoice is already generated with the old price, you don't need to pay the additional price as well. All future generated invoices will apply the new charges.] 

If you have any more details regarding this action, please don't hesitate to contact me via or reply to this email. 

Thanks & Regards,

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