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New LKR Price and new changes for 2022

 Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear All,

Hope you are doing well. In our country's critical situation, we know how hard you are living in this country so we never increased our price as other businesses like Tiles, Cement, Computer Items, etc. Until today, we still keep our pricing as same as the time which had USD selling rate was 206 LKR.

As you know, our USD Selling exchange rate is now currently 220 LKR per 1 USD and that is now honestly affecting for us to pay for all US Servers and International license and domain names. So we had to update your all package's base prices according to the new USD selling rate.

cPanel per account charge from January 01.

As you know, cPanel has been introduced a per-account charge for each cPanel account before 2 years ago and it was 0.2$ per account per month. After 1 year they increased it to 0.25$ and now they increased that to 0.35$+TAX so sadly, you have to absorb that now. The new cPanel per account charge is now 0.4$ and by LKR, it is 90 LKR per month. The new annual cPanel per account Price is 1000 LKR per cPanel for all annual packages.

So I will explain here, how your package's price will be changed in 2022.

1GB Premium Plan = (12 USD + 2.5 USD) per year (Old Price) and we were given this for 3000 LKR 2800 LKR per year as a discounted price.
1GB Premium Plan = (12*220) + (1000 LKR)  = 3600 LKR (New Price)

Some new changes applied for 2022:

  1. We discontinued Starter 512MB plan and Little 512MB business hosting plan. Because now 512MB disk storage is really not enough for a website. So we removed that for future purchases. But if you have Starter or Little Plan currently, you can keep using it. Only the price has been changed according to USD rate.
  2. We have upgraded our CPU from 12 Core 24 Thread to 20 Core 40 Thread CPU. Now your website's should be faster than previous. Actually, you have double CPU power from today. Due to these price increases, we know how that will be affected your pocket. That's why we decided to increase CPU Power for a bonus.
  3. All Reseller packages Per account charge has been changed to 90 LKR.
  4. All Business Reseller package's cPanel count has been removed and reduced BASE price and we set the cPanel per account charge as a floating item. Now we can't hold and absorb the "cPanel per account" price due to the new cPanel 2022 pricing structure.
  5. We introduced RAID 1 protected and DDOS Protected SSD Powered KVM VPS Series too.
  6. We discontinued OpenVZ VPS packages.
  7. We are thinking to remove LKR from the whole website and accept payments via ONLY USD, if the country's economy goes critical more than current. (Not decided yet)

Again as a summary, this is not our price increment. We charge you only according to the USD rate since 2013. We always want to give you Hosting Facility at a lower cost. But the country's economy does not like that. Your new recurring prices will be updated before 2022 January 1st. Anyway, You can always contact us via LiveChat and ask if anything you need to know about this increment.

Have a wonderful day! 

Thank you & Best Regards,
PEEK Hosting (Pvt) Ltd
071 5116 302

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