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How to increase my Disk Space?

If you are using our Shared Hosting or Business Web Hosting package, you will get run out of Disk Space someday. Then you will need to increase your disk space without going to a new package. Then you need to submit an upgrade order from the client area.

Log in to Client Area > Services > My Services > 

You will see your package and go inside of it.

After that, you will see an option as Downgrade/Upgrade. Just click on it. You will see all the next packages. Select a suitable package and submit an upgrade order from your account then you will get an invoice. It is a small amount for your next due date. You can see the amount before placing the order.

Once you pay for the invoice, your package will be upgraded and you can see the increment via cPanel within few mins. You can see the details in the client area after 24 hours.

Thank you.

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