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Why you should go away from Unlimited Hosting?

The Biggest Lie in the Industry is, "Unlimited Disk Space". As you know there are no Hard Drives available in the world with Unlimited/Infinity. Currently, you can find 1.9GB SSD or 8TB HDD as the maximum limit of a Hard Drive. Someone can use RAID 10 technology to make it x4 increment. But all Disk spaces has a limitation. You have to know that well.

Some Shared Hosting Companies selling "Unlimited Disk Space". Actually, it is only a Label. They has already placed the INODE count in each account. INODE count means, your total files and folder limitation in a cPanel. Usually, the limit may 250,000 or 300,000. Once you reach that limitation, it's over. So someone expects to host around more than 100GB in an unlimited plan, that is really not possible and they will refuse to keep that all data bundle and you will be informed to move VPS or Dedicated Server.

But remember, that all Lies are valid to very low-cost providers. If someone charges a really reasonable price for an Unlimited plan, you will have more INODE and more GBs.

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