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How do I inform Bank Transfer Payments?

First, you have to submit the online order from our website. After that, you will get the "Customer Invoice" email into your mailbox. Follow these instructions.

  1. You can remind the invoice number and amount.
  2. Visit the nearest Bank and Deposit to one of our Bank Accounts.
  3. Make sure to put your invoice number as the Beneficiary Reference on Bank Slip.
  4. After that, take a photo or a scanned copy of your payment slip.
  5. Open your customer invoice email.
  6. Attach that Scanned Copy or Photo of your payment slip. 
  7. Send a Reply to Customer Invoice Email with that Image of the Slip.

If you are going to transfer funds using Online Banking, put the Invoice number as the Beneficiary Reference and transfer and send that PDF slip to invoice email as a reply.

Within 10-20 mins, we will review your payment information email and activate your product or renew it.

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