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SMS API and Bulk Solutions Sri Lanka

Why you should have SMS API Access from us?
No Setup Fees

We don't take any fees from you to set up your SMS portal. It is FREE forever. No Monthly or Annual fees.

Never Expire

Once you deposit funds and buy your SMS bundle, those will never expire. You can use them any day.

Sender ID Available

You can send SMS on your own Company Name. Example: "Pizzahut, "ComBank" etc. Within 2 days sender ID will available.

API Access Available

No matter what application you are using it anywhere. You can simply integrate the API with the App to send SMS.

Bulk Sending Possible

You can send more than 100,000+ at once. No matter how many contacts you have. Simply send same SMS to all.

Schedule SMS

You can schedule your bulk SMS. The system will automatically send it to your contacts at the scheduled time.

Need your SMS Solution Today?
If you want to have an SMS Solution today, just contact us. We will immediately reply.

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