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16th Jan 2022

New LKR Price and new changes for 2022

Dear All, Hope you are doing well. In our country's critical situation, we know how hard you are living in this country so we never increased our price as other businesses like Tiles, Cement, Computer Items, etc. Until today, we still keep our pricing as same as the time which had USD selling rate was 206 LKR. As you know, ...

23rd Aug 2021

Verisign .COM price increase - not long to go :(

Dear All, Since the beginning, we offered .COM Domains for $11.5 USD and we always like to provide the domain name for the same price. Unfortunately, Verisign has communicated that they will increase the pricing of .the COM gTLD on 1st September 2021 at 0400 UTC.(They are the main owner of .COM domain for the world) You can see the news ...

18th Mar 2021

LKR Price Increment due to Latest USD rate

As you know the latest USD buying and selling rate, here it is currently, buying rate went to 200.00 LKR and the selling rate went to 206.00 LKR today. Paying to Dedicated Servers and Domain Names, USD's selling rate is affecting us.  So that means we have to increase the LKR amount of all services including, Shared Hosting, Business ...

2nd Feb 2021

We have implemented MailChannels to our servers

Due to future possibilities of mail delivery issues with providers such as Hotmail, Outlook,, Gmail and Yahoo, we have implemented MailChannels on all of our servers!   What is MailChannels? MailChannels is a mail service that protects our servers and IP addresses by processing and filtering all outgoing mail sent from our servers to ...