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10th Dec 2020

SMS Alerts Enabled for Invoice Transactions

Dear All,

We have enabled several SMS alerts for your invoices.

Invoice Generated, Invoice Paid, & Welcome Email for new customers.

Make sure to update your mobile number correctly in the profile section if it is still a wrong number or a Land Number.

PEEK Hosting (Pvt) Ltd

9th Aug 2020

New Security Policy of Data in the servers

Dear all, We have enabled Proactive Defence Kill Mood in the Imunify360 security firewall in the server. Proactive Defence module works as follows:Imagine that there is a malicious insert in index.php code that can be used to gain access to the server. In this case, Proactive Defence in KILL mode will block the launch of this script and display ...

15th Dec 2016

Inform your Bank Transfer Payments

There are lot of customers are using our Bank Transfer method.Some days, we are getting funds from customers but no any information about that. If you pay us via bank transfer, please inform us to get renewed or register your new products in PEEK Hosting. Otherwise we are holding them until your inform email or sms or call. May be your domain will ...