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LK Domain Categories and Pricing

There are 5 Categories of LK Domain from LK Domain Registry. So there we mentioned those things clearly.

1 Year
2 Years
5 Years
10 Years
    5% Discount 20% Discount 40% Discount
Standard (CAT1) - Full Domain Package
Top level domain including the following Second-Level Domains,,,,
5,000 LKR 9,500 LKR 20,000 LKR 30,000 LKR
Economy (CAT2) - Top Level Domain Only
3,000 LKR 5,700 LKR 12,000 LKR 18,000 LKR
Budget (CAT3) - Second Level Domains*
e.g., etc..
(*Excluding the Domains coming under CAT4 or CAT5)
1,000 LKR 1,900 LKR 4,000 LKR 6,000 LKR
Premium (CAT4) - Two Letter Domain Names and Premium Names
And numeric names 2-7 digits. e.g.
including the Second-Level Domains. e.g.,,,,
25,000 LKR 47,500 LKR 100,000 LKR 150,000 LKR
Special (CAT5) - Three Letter Domain Names and Desirable Names
And numeric names 8-10 digits. e.g.
including the Second-Level Domains. e.g.,,,,
10,000 LKR 19,000 LKR 40,000 LKR 60,000 LKR

The given pricing (in LKR) is per domain name and Domain Registry will not charge VAT on domain registrations since 01st January 2020.

You can simply check this article for your LK domain registration.

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